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Thanks to all who attended The Winey Neighbor’s Grand Tasting this past Saturday! 

Scores of neighbors came by and sampled three of my cheeses. Here’s what they tried:

Little Kidd: this 5-week old bloomy rind goat cheese is spicy and sharp, with a dense texture and a swift funk at the end.

Whoops Wahoos: these new 3-week old natural yeast rind goat cheeses are my newest endeavor, and they found many fans at the tasting. With gooey, lip-smacking texture and a tasting “like a trip through the woods” I suspect there will be many orders for these coming in soon.

Fresh Mozzarella: can’t go wrong with this creamy, milky cow’s milk classic. Especially popular with the kiddies!

If you’re interested in procuring any of these cheeses, or if you’d like to take one of my cheesemaking classes, email me today.

(More pictures from The Grand Tasting, here.)


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