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Closing the Book on My Curd-ish Experiment

For those of you who have been following this blog since the beginning, or you fans who have caught up on all the history, maybe you thought I was giving up on this experiment. Well, I did not give up! That little ball of mozzarella has been patiently waiting in my freezer, and I finally put it to the test.

So, the picture really is all you need to see: the experiment yielded a great pizza success! I’ve been perfecting a one hour mozzarella method over the past year, and it’s what I teach in my Mozzarella Making class. Because the method is quicker than more traditional 2-5 day Mozzarella recipes, I wasn’t sure how it would hold up after being frozen. I’m happy to report that it re-hydrated with no problem (I just put it from the freezer into the fridge and let it defrost slowly for a day or two), sliced nicely, and coated this yummy pizza with cheesy, bubbly, gooey goodness.

Beer #6: Chelsea High & Dry (Porter)

The Paglierino and the Chiriboga blue paired well with this one, but by the time we got around to beers #5 and 6 you can tell the crowd was perhaps too full to properly rate things (hence the two ?? filled boxes…).

Coming up on Tuesday: the ultimate pairing winners, and the biggest misfires of September’s Beer+Cheese.

Beer #5: Bear Republic Hi-Five (Black IPA)

Try a black IPA with the L’Amuse Gouda or the Paglierino for some fun:

"Let’s do the tango"

"Will you marry me? Yes."

Stay away from Lake’s Edge or similar goat-y types for this one. Nobody likes a pushy fight…

Beer #4: Barrier Craven (Belgian Single)

Pair this one with the Lake’s Edge for a slam dunk: “Like being punched in the face - in a good way”

or with the Chiriboga for dessert: “Rootbeer float”

Beer #3: Barrier Dubbel Down (Abbey Brown Ale)

Don’t taste this one with Paglierino! “They bring out the worst in each other”

Do have it with L’amuse Gouda: “the beer drives, the gouda rides”

Beer #2: Six Point Autobahn (IPA)

Looks like Chiriboga Blue had the best pairing with this one:

"Like a first date. Awkward at first and then BAM! The beer is takin’ that blue home tonight."


Beer #1: Chelsea Checker Cab Blonde (Blonde Ale)

Summary: This beer was not popular! Choice quotes:

"champagne, then diapers."

"who knew there was a water flavored beer?!"

"reverse jesus, wine into water?"

Beer + Cheese: THE BEER

Now that you’ve seen the cheese, here’s the full list of all six beers that we tasted through. In subsequent posts you’ll see how the beers fared up against the cheeses.

1. Chelsea Checker Cab Blonde (Blonde Ale)

2. Sixpoint Autobahn (IPA)

3. Barrier Dubble Down (Abbey Brown Ale)

4. Barrier Craven (Belgian Single)

5. Bear Republic Hi-Five (Black IPA)

6. Chelsea High & Dry (Porter)

This month I’m profiled in “O Magazine” (the November issue), as part of a feature on women who pursue their passions. Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into the WannabeMonger story!

Cheese #4: Chiriboga Blue (official name: Bayrischer Blauschimmelkase)

Tasting Notes: Cow’s milk, from Germany. Interesting history - this blue is a Bavarian recipe, but was adjusted to be more like a French Roquefort. The result is a thing all its own, and a rarity in that it’s mild and creamy and I still find it interesting. I call this a gateway blue - butter with a hint of vein-y mold, perfect for the faint of heart but it’ll please the true blue lovers too.

Cheese #3: L’amuse Gouda

Tasting Notes: This cow’s milk caramel-y wonder has been aged for two years and is as ready to eat as a cheese can be. Or, if it’s not ready, who cares, it’s too delicious to wait any longer.

Cheese #2: Paglierino

Tasting Notes: a sheep’s milk - “pecorino” - but not like the one you grate on your pasta! You can taste that familiar pecorino romano type flavor in there, but surrounding that taste is a more mellow, soft, chewy sensation and a less sharp finish.

lol@your blog.. how many followers have you got?


Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the note about my blog! I’ve got about 2,000 followers so far. I hope you’re enjoying the posts!


Cheese #1: Lake’s Edge

Tasting notes:

This is a mold-ripened goat milk cheese, aged about 1 month, with a pretty layer of ash cutting through the middle. Remember your first bite of Humboldt Fog? Lake’s Edge is better. Also: this cheese requires eating via spoon, which is pretty awesome.

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