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I’m an urban cheesemaker and the Lead Cheesemonger at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Manhattan. Living in Brooklyn, New York City, I make cheese in my apartment kitchen, age it in my makeshift caves and share it with family, friends and supporters. I also teach cheesemaking classes out of my home and conduct beer and cheese tastings at shops and private parties around town. 

For inquiries about procuring WannabeMonger original cheeses, having a tasting activity at your next event, or attending the next mozzarella making class, email me.

Some recent coverage of me and my cheesemaking in the media:

8 People Who Made Their Dreams a Reality”, Oprah’s “O” Magazine, November 2011 Issue

Cutting the Curd - Episode 75”, First Aired on 9/19/2011, 4:30pm, Heritage Radio Network

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